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June 27, 2004

Where can we get the statistics?

It does seem that more and more young women are getting chest augmentations for their birthdays these days.  It's gotta be birthdays, or perhaps for a good report card?  (One cup size per point in GPA?) We doubt these newly top heavy debutantes are putting in the time at McDonalds to save up for it, it must be replacing the "Daddy, will you buy me a car?" question that starts when little sister hits 16. 

We'd sure like to hear how that conversation went.  Bad enough when dad had to spell out the dangers of teenage driving, but the dangers of a full t-shirt on a hot summer night are much more... interesting.

But from a purely socioeconomic aspect we're really interested in finding out the percentage of the population choosing to give in to this request, and how decisions about size are made.  And we're sure that it would be entertaining to hear how mom and pop rationalize the "investment."

And before you suggest it, forget about web searches.  The search results on these basic key words do nothing to illuminate our interests, and are dammed distracting.


  Hey, speaking of t-shirts, the Evil Products people kept bugging us about adding new logo stuff, so we finally paid the STFU money and there you have it.  New shirts and stuff in the logo sections of Financials.  

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