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June 22, 2004

Happy Birthday Todd Rundgren...

You never heard of the Hermit of Mink Hollow? Haven't followed the works of TR-i? Don't know the guy who wrote and recorded the only, the one true version of "Hello It's Me?"  Haven't rocked along with, once again, the only real version of "Bang on the Drum All Day?" Well, now you have no excuse.  Todd is the one.  Todd founded Utopia. Todd the computer video pioneer, the guy behind FlowFazer, numerous Mac music toys, the interactive TR-i mixer "album". A Capella innovator. He's taken his classics and remixed them as lounge music. He's a Wizard, A True Star, and it's his Birthday today.

Go listen to one of his albums.  If you don't have one, we recommend Something/Anything or A Wizard A True Star as starters.  Go, buy, consume!


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