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June 15, 2004

Clinton back in White House...

While so many of today's reports of William Jefferson Clinton's visit to the White House yesterday marveled on how the Bush administration didn't revert to throwing feces at him, we had a completely different focus. Wow, Bill still looks and acts so presidential.  Not like our current weasel faced frat rat illiterate idiot whose friends and family got him this extended summer job. Clinton sounded and looked like a world leader right down to the tie.

We said it before, but it's worth repeating. We wax nostalgic recalling a time when a government "crisis" didn't involve selling out our economic future to big business and people getting blown up on a daily basis. We long for the days when all the crabby hypocritical puritans got their panties in a twist around trumped-up noise about a little making out over pizza and a stain on a dress.  We'd trade for that in a hot second.

  On the Bush illiteracy, we have this insight to pass along.  "Why W?  Well, he can spell W. Sometimes when he concentrates he can even write it legibly"  

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