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June 14, 2004

Newfound respect...

We have rediscovered Howard Stern this morning.  Not that we lost track of him, but aside from amusement over the antics of the shock-rock-jock, we pretty much pegged him as all style and very little substance.  We have to say publicly "we're sorry we doubted you Howie."

Recently he's upped the anti in his "jihad" against Bush. So we visited his web site.  Wow, there's actually some very good and thoughtful writing there, along with some very funny shit.

There's an equation here in the talk-radio arena that's got to be sending shivers up the Regan... er... Bush reincarnation campaign's spine.  That is that when it comes to political leaning, many of Sterns listeners are in the undecided category.  Overall, they're not terribly political, but may get out to vote due to his diatribe. Counter that with the very political listeners to someone like Rush, who are already counted in the polls and aren't expected to do anything but vote the party line. 

In a tight race, the undecided vote is critical, and Stern could deliver a sizable portion of that. In any case, Stern definitely has the edge over Limbaugh in entertaining variety of guests and number of lesbian and transgendered fans.

  Of course Limbaugh could surprise us and  rally the drug-addict adulter vote out.  They're "his people" any way.  

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