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June 13, 2004

We had a dream last night...

It was a cold December day. The election was over, W had been dumped.  For some reason, this was a dream after all, he not only had to evacuate the White House, he had to leave Texas as well.  As his collation of followers drove down into Mexico and as they drove they were systematically setting the oil fields afire. The ecological and financial damage being done as a legacy for the newly elected president to deal with.  And at the head of this malevolent wagon train Bush laughed and laughed like a robot clown on the boardwalk.

Upon waking we were first relieved to realize it was all a dream.  But later, thinking about how the man is currently trashing the ecology, social structures, economy, and putting inhibiting parochial laws into effect in these, hopefully his last days, we shivered with the realization that he's already far into the scouring of America.


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