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June 12, 2004

Another Bush present to big business?

Hold onto your wallets, they're at it again. This time it's all over except the crying - there's very little you can possibly do about this except remember and not get fooled again.

After eight years of reform, eight years where multiple "phone companies" had to fight for your business providing you good service at competitive prices, the current "screw the public" regime is rolling back time to reinstate the classic "phone company monopoly."

The Baby Bells have virtually eliminated long-distance companies access to the phone system infrastructure, and have the administrations approval to prevent further access. This paves the way for the BB's to eliminate other companies coming to you to provide you phone service, and by that they can jack the rates again. You'll have a regional phone company and that's it. Little surprise that Bush's buddies like Texas Southwestern Bell Corp. have conspired with the administration to manipulate the system, literally at your expense.

The kicker, the Bells have promised not to raise rates until after the election.  Just another example of Bush and corrupt big business sucking at the health of this country while filling the ever hungry top 5% of the populations wallets.

  OK, what can you do?  Move into the 21st century.  Cancel your land-line service and use your cell phone exclusively. Get DSL or Cable modem (luckily that's still a competitive area) for internet access.  And finally, remember this when you vote in November.  

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