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June 11, 2004

Could Paris lead the way?

We don't usually have much good to say about the French. Today, we think there might be a reason to change that. The city council of Paris has passed a resolution banning SUVs, which could become the rule if incorporated into an overall project to improve traffic flow in the city. 

Gee, SUV's being a hindrance to traffic flow? Now that you mention it, yeah, there's some merit to that idea. It's noteworthy that France is one of the hotbeds for the new Smart Cars - vehicles getting 60 mpg and looking pretty good while doing it. Of course they can't roll over cars in their way... but that's kind of the point you fucked up SUV misanthropes!

  And don't even start with that crap about how your SUV is sooo much safer that other cars. Given that logic you might just as well be driving a Sherman Tank to work. What a bunch of self centered morons!  

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