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June 9, 2004

Reagan money...

Well, Regan's final years were spent in confused memory loss, so it seems only fitting that with his death the Republican party chooses to ignore the massive failings of his administration and seek to glorify him beyond his actual contribution.

Word this morning of Republican manipulations for everything from putting Bonzo's face in the lineup on Mt Rushmore to minting dimes or $10 bills honoring the man who did the most of any president in memory to deprecate the lower classes, promote the level of ignorance that helped spread STDs, and prohibited actions that might have averted the AIDS plague in the US. The first and only divorced president (first wife of 8 years Jane Wyman), estranged and at odds with gay son,  his office's stance on family issues was a hypocritical travesty. His economic programs were a disaster, his military escapades (can you recall the attack on Grenada?) a travesty, his hidden international agenda (Iran-Contra) flew in the face of the limits to executive power, and his White House (again, recall that the country was often run by Nancy, who counseled with an astrologer) might as well have had a chimp running around the halls.

Of course, putting his face on the Ten might be a good thing in the long run.  It would certainly drive us into exclusive use of electronic debit card spending.  Or maybe we should mint another one of those whacky dollar coins?  Square with Reagan on the front, Nancy on the back? Those tend to disappear pretty quickly.


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