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June 3, 2004

Ole Bush Eyes...

Someone recently pointed out a "tell" for W.

For those not hip to poker slang, a tell is a gesture or action one does unconsciously when in a certain situation.  Some classic examples might be to stack your cards in a pile on the table rather than keeping them in your hand when they're bad.  Or tapping a finger on your cards when they're good.  Experienced gamblers watch their opponents for tells, which help them decide how to play their own hands.

So, the Bush tell - it's in the eyes.  He gets all squinty when he lies. The squintier he gets, the bigger the lie. Watch him yesterday talking about how he "doesn't really recall" meeting with exiled Iraqui leader Ahmad Chalabi.  Man, his eyes made him look like Bennie the Squeeler under the bright light bulb in the back room at the downtown precinct. 

We think this one should be called The Pinocchio Factor.

  Of course, the caveat here is that if he's really comfortable with the lie, like he's practiced it a lot, he can keep his eyes wide open.  In those cases, the alternate and equally reliable tell is that his mouth is moving...  

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