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May 28, 2004

Hey MTV, she's no fucking punk...

Gotta stand with Avril on this one.

MTV, you're no longer relevant. An MTV interviewer, trying to provoke a reaction from Lavigne, apparently got one - the bird - when asking AL about the "punk" label some media have stuck her with. The once-hip now way-tired cable network once-famous for playing music video now-famous for... hmm, not much at all really, apparently thought the common rock gesture was somewhat beyond the pale for their viewers (who apparently are now all Baptist ministers.) 

MTV's reaction? They cut her performance short and canceled a second song. "It's totally inappropriate to make that gesture on the air." whined some nameless drone from the network, "It's a little disrespectful to the audience." Fuck you moron, it was disrespectful to the media. If you can't tell the difference, you should get a job that doesn't involve breathing.

Of course MTV lost it's credibility when they moved from music to (trying to create) "culture" years ago, but like any media dinosaur it takes a while for the gears of their machine to grind to a halt. Nobody hip watches their crap, it's a wonder they're not totally funded by Bubble-Yum.

  Us? We like FUSE TV.  Check it out, and their website's not too bad either.

Hey, some of us are at Baycon this weekend.  If you know what that is, maybe you'll find us.  Look carefully at badges, hats and t-shirts. (Nope, we're not giving out $20's this time...)


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