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May 25, 2004

Of Stars and Wars...

Forty-three years ago today, in a land some called Camelot, a good leader named Kennedy asked his people to help "put a man on the moon and return him safely."  The leader fell, but in his honor the people made his wish happen within eight years of the request.

Twenty Seven years ago today there was a benevolent but befuddled leader and the land was no longer called Camelot.  But the great wizard Lucas took the same nation back into the space of their imagination for "A New Hope" and the Star Wars movie franchise was launched. And the people were happy.

Earlier this year some guy mumbled something into a microphone about sending a Man to Mars. No one knows why the man was given the microphone. Few were the details of his goal for the trip, and some noted that he didn't mention the returning safely part. In keeping with his other mumblings he really didn't fire anyone's imagination. In the context of the nations worries, the comment seemed very disturbing, as if the man wasn't really paying attention to the real tragedy and injustice in the world. To date, even the man's closest friends treat the odd outburst as you would a drunken uncle's ramblings at Thanksgiving, kind of ignoring the idea and hoping that he'll just shut up and pass out soon.


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