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May 24, 2004

Know how hard it is...

Keeping true to our promise not to comment on the Bush administration for a while?  Looking back, we got disgusted with how much they dominated our rants. So we've gone cold-turkey for a bit. But MAN, with what's going on these days, it's a hard jones.

So, let's see, what to comment on today? Can't talk about Michael Moore's triumph in Cannes, cause that gets back to you-know-what. OPEC... nope, back to the Oil biz and that goes directly to not-gonna-say-it.

Hey, here's something.  Jackko can buy his freedom for 3 million, skip the country and live the life of Polanski. That's essentially it, they call it bail but they also call it bailing. Only problem is, he's trying to barter the price down.  MJ, when you're "singing for your supper" in prison, that million saved is going to look like chump change. Run now while you've got a chance. 

  Of course, we're not actually convinced he's guilty of this charge, the mother in question is highly questionable.  Nope, it's just that this one's already been tried in the court of public opinion, and MJ, there's no coming back from that witch hunt. Even if you win the case, chances are you're quality of life in the USA just went to hell anyway.  

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