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May 11, 2004

Reality Voting...

All jokes about Florida aside, there's something wrong going on in the world of voting these days.  "One man, one vote" was a method of establishing a winner based on the number of individuals they could attract to a side or opinion. But we all know that real voting doesn't involve the majority of the eligible population.  Apparently, when it involves walking a few blocks to a polling place, your one vote seems an easy thing to ignore, much less cast.

Enter reality TV. Where viewers are involved in the shows outcome by casting their votes. Not one vote, not two, but as many as you've got the time to cast on 800 lines and Internet web pages.  Go crazy, call up your friends, program the autodialer, if your candidate doesn't win, it's because you didn't work hard enough!

So what does that really say about the winners as a people's choice? Just that we've redefined the population choosing to be the same lazy asses who won't leave their house to vote in real elections. There's something sick about these fools who are so passionate about a reality contest contestant that they'll literally spend hours voting up their candidates tally! Looking for a punch line here?  He's sitting in the oval office.

  Sorry, we dipped into the Bush pool for a punch line today.  If that bothers you just ignore the last 2 lines.

And by the way, the Survivor text message number is 26161.  Remember to text in Rupert!


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