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May 2, 2004

Bush Blog...

Been to GeorgeWBush.Com lately? W is apparently trying to increase his geek/street credibility with a blog. A fucking presidential blog! But again, as you'd expect, he's totally missing the point of another cultural evolution in communication.

Painfully ghostwritten by committee, the "blog" is a creamy dollop of righteous Republican propaganda. Little more than another death by innuendo venue, Stepford wives pledging blind allegiance while scrabbling at any possible Kerry weakness, trying to convince the world that the infinitesimal indiscretions of youth are in fact treasonous roots.

The "what Kerry did with his medals" is a great one. Kerry at least HAD medals Georgie boy. You, well you had a few snoot-fulls and a country-club military career that you called in sick for. We stand with incredulous awe at the fact that so many deluded veterans still side with flight suit boy.

Anyway, having your blog written for you by a committee is about as low as you can go. Instead of gaining internet credibility, it exposes just how clueless this guy and his supporters really are.

  We're reminded of the incident where W visited a grocery store and looked on with wonder at the price scanning machine.  Wow, remember how he even commented on it to a confused clerk.  Again, this showed how technically out of it he was, while exposing his lack of connection with the things every-day people experience. He's the son of wealth, doesn't know what it's like to stand in line at a store, much less buy his own gasoline.  Oh, wait a minute, it is his own gasoline so he probably wouldn't buy it anyway...

Rant rant rant.  We sure went on at the mouth today. Guess old weasel eyes is getting to us after all. 

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