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May 1, 2004


May first is also known as May Day, which originally celebrated the return to spring and the blossoming of flowers, is also a famous radio call sign for imminent danger.  We have to say this also coincides with the imminent approach of Cinco de Mayo, Spanish for "the Fifth of May", a celebration of an unexpected Mexican victory over the French in 1810.

Now we can all get behind victories over the French these days, but what the holiday has devolved into in so many cities these days is an increased police presence on the streets and increased sales of plywood to local shopkeepers wanting to protect their windows. How's that for national pride? Another excuse to get drunk and take down small businseses.


  Hey, this Cinco de Mayo Disney is celebrating by opening their Tower of Terror in California Adventure.  Dropping people out of the windows of a distressed and abandoned hotel? Sounds like the big D is getting some street cred.  

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