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April 28, 2004

If a president falls in the woods...

Tomorrow Bush and Cheney will speak before the 9/11 commission. But there will be no recording, one note taker, but no official record. Make that "nothing that could be quoted later." This follows the model Ronald Reagan used in 1987 when he dodged the bullet on his direct involvement in Iran-Contra. What a role model! Are these guys bastions of heroic bravery or what.  (Answer: or what.)

In the whole "my dog ate my intelligence" act the regime has been putting on, this one really stands out as a recommendation for revolt at election time. Just on the national insult basis alone.

If you want to relive the hours of thrilling testimony so far, we recommend Audible.Com who have made audio recordings of  Richard A. Clarke, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, Madeleine Albright, George Tenet, Samuel R. Berger, and William Cohen available for free download. But no Bush/Cheney recordings will be syncing to our iPod any time soon it appears.  

  It's simply disgusting how cheesy and slippery the current administration can be and still walk away with a "fuck you, I've got mine" smile on their faces. The Daily Show did a bit about how Bush and his administration turn potentially embarrassing questions around so that they can use 9/11 as an answer.  Old W is good at this, when asked about the allies leaving Iraq and the need for more troops to contain the situation he ignored the point and said he wouldn't tarnish the memory of fallen soldiers with such a comment. Another example had a Bush staffer answering questions about Choice and abortion, equating people who didn't respect life with 9/11 terrorists who equally didn't respect life. (Check out the last bit in the "Fertile Ground" video.)

Wake up folks, this is it, WE ARE  IN 1984. They're reshaping the language and nobody is calling them on it.


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