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April 26, 2004

Two in the Bush...

How corrupt is this regime anyway? Ya gotta ask yourself if they're trying to set a record or what? Little W keeps flaunting his arrogant dismissal of all things right in government procedure and decorum, his administration having played favorites with business over the economy, civil rights, and of course the ecology. He committed to a war as a personal vendetta inherited from his father. Now we can recall again the favors Florida Governor Brother Jeb Bush offered the pretender to the throne when Florida turned an election loss into an electoral win for Georgie.

So why bring this up again? Well, after years of Texas Oil grubbing attacks on California laws that protect that coastline from rape by oil derrick, George is waxing poetic on how we all have to protect the scenic Florida coast from offshore drilling. Hmm, could it be because it's his Bro's backyard? The notorious lone star "fuck everyone who ain't from Texas" attitude seems to be extending itself to Florida now. What a surprise.

We've been to Florida, and we've been to California.  With Big Sur,  Carmel, the North Coast, Monterey, and many others there just isn't a comparison. Yeah, Florida has the swamps, the harbors festooned with girls gone wild, and the beaches with illegals drifting ashore, but there are already drug lords protecting those treasures.


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