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April 20, 2004

Emilie Autumn...

Great web story. 

So we're in a hotel watching Leno 'cause he's got Courtney Love on and she's fun to watch. OK, so Tina Fey was on too and we could watch her all day, chin scar and everything. We're sure the hell not watching it for Leno.

So after the chatting CLove joins her band and does a pretty OK version of Hold on to Me with her band. Nothing really great mind you, but we're especially digging the gal playing electric violin; her stance is terrific, real presence and a great player too. OK, so she's slightly hot as well.

So we hop on the web, and a couple of searches later we're on the Emilie Autumn web site and downloading her album Enchant. Literally minutes after we see first her, uncredited in a band, we're listening to her songs, checking out her pictures, and watching her movies. Ain't the internet grand?  And surprise!  Yes, the album is very nice, highly recommended. Go there, find out for yourself.

And as we don't use the highly recommended bit without meaning it, we're going to pimp her press release below.  Go, buy her stuff, enjoy her music, make her a star. 

  About Emilie Autumn:
The 24 year old classical violinist-turned-rock singer made her prime time debut in March 2004 with Courtney Love's band, The Chelsea, on David Letterman's Late Show. Too free-spirited for the formal strictures of school, self-educated Emilie Autumn started playing the violin at age four, and began performing professionally at age 12, touring the U.S. and Europe. Although she attracted critical and popular raves for her mastery of the classical violin, Emilie was already moving into new musical realms, polishing her vocal skills and penning songs in the style she now calls "fantasy rock." Emilie is also the founder and owner of the Chicago-based indie label, Traitor Records. She supports internet radio and has had hundreds of thousands of downloads of her songs after releasing her entire recorded catalog for free on her web site. Emilie has strong online sales and continues to draw a growing fanbase. She accompanied Courtney Love in 2003 to record electric violin and backing vocals for Love's most recent album, "America's Sweetheart," and became a part of The Chelsea shortly after. Along with the upcoming tour with Love and The Chelsea, she is preparing for her fifth release on Traitor Records. Her official web site is www.emilieautumn.com.

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