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April 15, 2004

Raul log day 5

Hello. I am Raul. The Misters E have left me again with the web machine to work.  Last logging today. Today the Misters will return.

I must finish ready the house. I must have the bar filled and lots of the antibiotics and the hot pockets. One of the lawyers called this morning and if I am asked I am to say that we never had any pets but the dogs and we never had any of them fight. I can do that I think. It is lucky a good thing the chicken house burned, but I am not to talk about that.

Today is also the day of the tax extension deadline. It is a simple paper I sign every year. I am not sure if I make that much money. They tell me it is eaten by the taxes. I can see how everyone gets upset when the taxes eat all your money. It is very complicated.

This has not been as bad as when I have had to use the web machine before. I will maybe do it again soon.


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