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April 13, 2004

Raul log day 3

Hello. I am Raul. The Misters E have left me again with the web machine to work.  This is the words for things today.

The large television is stuck on the head lining news again. I can not change the channel. I want to watch the Nick program but I do not want to melt the television again. Head news is a strange program. Pretty people talk all the time. They show pictures and movies of ugly people and talk about them. Sometimes the pretty people even talk to the ugly people like they are friendly neighbors. Lots of words and numbers at the bottom of the picture. They talk about things and they want me to be afraid. Is this something that is the same all the time or is today special? Is this a thing people like to watch? I do not need more things to be afraid of. The bottle water man is here today and he scares me too. I do not answer the door.  He will leave the bottles outside.


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