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April 12, 2004

Raul log day 2

Hello. I am Raul. The Misters E have left me again with the web machine to work.

Yesterday I got the phone call for sending money to them. It is not easy. First there is the job of making the hollow book. You can only cut through a few pages at a time and the book needs to be thick enough and big enough because they asked for twenties this time. I used the book with the angry ugly woman on the cover. No one will want to open that one.

I do not like the office of posting. The clerking people there are slow and yell a lot. And they cannot give you a lottery ticket or even a quick pick and they remember that you are the one that always asks them for that and that makes them more angry and call for security.

Ice is good for bruises but it is not easy to sit on.  Next time I will not ask for the lottery ticket and only ask for the slurpie.


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