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April 9, 2004

Rice and Omarosa...

Two strong black women in our face yesterday. Rice was testifying, Omarosa was screwing up. And isn't it interesting how much they could be sisters, especially when they're scowling?

We're not going to dwell on how Rice is trying to play the ol' Republican 'pin it on Clinton' game. Nah, that didn't fly with the investigators, it's not for us to drag out. Funny how when the country is in it's worst fighting in years, and the investigations get hot, lil' "all hat boy" head off to the ranch for a vacation. Man, what a leader.

We do want to say one thing. Given last night's Apprentice performance, would any reasonable firm hire Omarosa? Man, is she still blaming the concussion for her lame performance? Has she forgotten the cameras are on when she abuses Trump staff and lies to her teammates? Let's say that again for any potential employers out there; WHEN SHE LIES TO HER TEAMMATES!

We sat there wondering if she's supposed to be screwing up, is this a "Mole" twist thrown in by Trump to see if Kwame has the balls to fire her? Will she play the "blacker" card with Kwame? Will she rip off the rubber mask and expose that she's really one of the Wayan brothers?

  OK, one of the links above is very interesting. 
Open up Google, type Asshole, press return. 
See what you get as the top result.

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