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April 8, 2004


One thing to say about Seattle. Their roads suck. Freeways with exits to the left, exits to the right, no clue as to which one is upcoming, two regular lanes and no more even though there's tons of space at the side of the road.  There is one, count 'em one, freeway between any given two points. They apparently love their traffic jams (and arrange for some spectacular accidents), it's the only explanation! Surface streets follow no particular strategy, we've seen multiple triangular intersections. This is a town laid out by following animal trails.

 All that being said, you'd think in the coffee capital of the west coast the drivers would be a little more amped.  Not so, they are more asleep at the wheel than anywhere else we've been recently. We'd hate to see what the town was like if everyone switched to decaf.

  Leaving here today.  Wheee!  Back home for a day and then on the road again.  Maybe we'll let Raul do the website updates again for a while...  

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