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April 6, 2004

Apprentice losers...

First off, still getting that slimy feeling whenever we watch Dennis Miller these days. It's like he's been absorbed by the pod people. Mixture of pity and disbelief, with a dash of revulsion.  But enough about that.

He had a couple of the "losers so far" from The Apprentice on his chat show to talk about The Donald's game. Omarosa and Sam and Heidi - what a group.  Isn't Sam's 15 minutes of shame up yet? Omarosa is still talking about the "serious injury" she suffered and "the racist remark." And yes, it's a go for her tell-all book. We can only hope it goes as well as Monica's Story. (Actually, no, we bought Monica's book, we'll not be buying Omarosa's.) There are people who you want to see lose, and then there are those you want to see lose embarrassingly.  We can only hope the Big O's story hasn't gotten to the really embarrassing part yet!

Funny thing about these reality shows.  Seems a strategy to flame out big and early, so you can run the gamut of chat, morning and late shows while the show is still going.  The losers seem to be getting more air time and endorsement opportunities than the winners, and certainly more than the close runners-up.  Pay attention folks, the money is not always in the obvious prize.


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