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April 4, 2004

Now we're not big fans of Jacko...

But we're even less fans of lying opportunistic con artists trying to milk money out of the rich and famous, or even J.C. Penny.

It's worth noting, plainly, that the mother accusing M. Jackson of child molestation has an interesting history in the court. In 1998, she filed a civil lawsuit against J. C. Penny Co. alleging sexual abuse of herself, and battery of her two sons, by mall security guards. How did that come about?  The boy who is Jacko's ex-pal had been shoplifting. She settled for $137,500.  We expect this was "shut the fuck up" money on the part of JCP. The boy's father has come out to admit that his wife may have made the whole thing up, according to his lawyer, she may have "coaxed his son into saying things that are not true. He knows that she has done that in the past."

What is noteworthy here is the way this woman can turn her son's own misdeed into windfall profit. None of this is to say we're coming down one way or the other on the molestation charge, Jackson's a proven weird-o with an unnatural fascination with children to be sure. We do hate it when one person's weakness, no matter how weird, is exploited and manipulated. Even more so when it would prove the caring parental attitude was actually a calculated risk of the poor kid's mental well being.  Commenting on the current circus, J.C. Penny's lawyer says "they're going for a home run this time, this is a shakedown – shakedown, part two."

Its a shame this thing isn't being televised.


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