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April 3, 2004

Can't the Courts Just Say "Shut the Fuck Up?"

Read news this morning about a Canadian Amish man, get this - a John Doe, who is suing US Homeland Security. This is a good example of the US court's not having any balls and wasting everyone's time and money. The guy wants the U.S. government rules that require photographs to be submitted with a residency petition to be ruled unconstitutional. Huh? Let's get serious here. The claim is that being photographed for an ID card to enter the US violates his religion. Let's not get into the whole idea that a photo of himself represents a "graven image," hoo boy, we could get lost in the lunacy there. Instead let's take this by the numbers:

  1. You're not a US citizen, so shut the fuck up. If you can't meet the requirements, stay home and shut the fuck up. We should just stop there, but...

  2. What court would even listen to such a charge?  We want to sue Justin Timberlake for having so much airplay for his whiney songs, but lawyers tell us we'd just be laughed at.  So what cracker barrel judge is listening to Jethro here?  Let him file the papers, lose them, let him play phone tag until he gives up. They're good at that, so why not play to their strengths? End of story.

  3. Any non-US citizen who holds crazy beliefs like that is not welcome here. Lord knows we don't need any more on our soil, and we grow enough native. Do we even want to look like we're entertaining setting a precedence here? We've got a whole bunch of crazies out there whose religion is apparently telling them to bomb us, so what the fuck freedom of religion rules are letting them ignore US laws? Aren't we stepping on their fucking rights?

But as stupid as all that is the real problem here is a US court system that even listens to such nonsense. This is your tax dollars at work, people from Homeland Security directed away from their real jobs, now forced to defend their meek attempts to protect us from alien invaders. So why the fuck do we even give these foreign idiots the time of day?

  Rant rant rant.  Boy, its not very clever this morning, but this whole thing is just stupid.  Spent time at a store last night waiting in line while some middle-eastern family (all of them clinically obese and smelling like rotten meat) tried to argue the price down on some sale items with the poor minimum wage clerk. Watched their kids break merchandise and one of the women sit on a pile of boxed products to rest her feet. Not trying to be xenophobic here, but its hard not to form an opinion. 

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore

Give me your wretched refuse? 
What drug-addled moron thought that was a good idea anyway?

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