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April 2, 2004

Bush's WMD Jokes

The thing about the jokes Bush made about him searching around the oval office, behind chairs, under the rug, etc., for Weapons of Mass Destruction is... well you gotta understand the guy

It isn't that he's totally insensitive to the innocents among the victims of his war, or about the lies he told to get national support for "getting Saddam" or even the tired comedic nature of doing a voice-over on a slide show (again, kind of tied back into the presentation used to support the whole BIG LIE thing.)

No, it's none of that.  It's much simpler.  He's an idiot.

But as a nation, we can take some pride in that.  America is the land of opportunity, where even a low IQ, drug using, draft dodging, stammering and grammatically challenged Texan from New Haven, Connecticut can strap on a crotch-padded flight suit and become president.  Geez folks, if this guy can do it, what's stopping you?


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