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March 24, 2004

Somedays, we don't get it...

Like today. Watched American Idol last night. It's a disturbing phenomenon on almost an unconscious level.

Most of what you watch on TV is pretty damn professional. When someone gets up on stage, styled, dressed, lit, and instrumented professionally, you're expecting a professional performance. So it's unnerving to see said performer after performer botch their singing and still get applause and praise afterwards. Reeks of someone getting paid off. Kind of like when Tori Spelling showed up on 90210 for year after year...

And then there's Simon. Too much to say there. Still reeling from the open mouth kiss with Paula Abdul. Not enough gin in the world...

  Of course we kinda like Tori now.  Especially with sliced meat and beer.  If you watched The Help recently you know what we're talking about...  

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