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March 23, 2004

Almost heaven...

West Virginia's got one a them governors.

Recipe for ridicule; take one T-shirt in Abercrombie & Fitch that has the outline of West Virginia with a parody slogan "It's all relative in West Virginia." Now stir in one righteous governor with a pen. Write a letter to A&F "demanding" the "immediate" removal of the catalog item and destruction of inventory.  Also that proof of the destruction be provided back to said regent. Let leak to the press. Let the finger pointing and laughing begin.

Wow, talk about your delusions of grandeur. Doesn't this moron realize he's helping sell more t-shirts than if he ignored it? Maybe some inbreeding somewhere?

  The guy should be happy that he wasn't the subject of the t-shirt.  Bob Wise after all is plenty ripe for parody.  And the guy looks like a bulimic Cliff Clavin. Last thing Bobbie, when your signature looks like you're off your medication you don't wanna put it in the banner of your web site.  

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