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March 22, 2004

Whole Rise from the Dead thing...

It's a big theme this year; the whole dead rising from the grave story is what moviegoers want.  This weekend the big resurrection "Passion Play" ended it's dominance with ticket purchasers. The Passion of the Christ gave up it's top spot on the charts to Dawn of the Dead.

Apparently the rising of thousands of decaying zombies trumps the single resurrection of a clean shaven and showered (admittedly with see-through palms) savior of mankind. Both are rated R, Passion for sequences of graphic violence, while Dawn throws in gore, language and sexuality for the same nine dollars. Frugal theatre goers know a bargain when they see it.

We're wondering if the whole "church group movie outing" phenomenon will still continue?

  We didn't squeeze in anything about them both being remakes.  Sheesh, isn't there any original story power left in Hollywood?  

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