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March 20, 2004

Here's how it's supposed to work...

The Process:

1- Moron listens to or sees something they don't like.  They claim it is:

2 - Moron decides to take action:

3 - Civilization steps in

What's going wrong here is in step 3.  That whole "agency ignores the prattling of morons" thing is failing. Why? Because it's in the best interest of the ruling class to squash freedom of speech and especially anything challenging their rule. They use the Moron as a way to point away from their own repressive, parochial, anti-social-evolutionary agenda. "Hey, we're just watching out for the little guy, not squashing our major detractors! Wow, look over there, more offensive boobies!"

An example: Howard Stern's listeners know he's going to talk dirty, he's no surprise there, it's his show.  Yet when some Moron in Detroit can't figure out how to tune to another station the FCC slaps Stern with an absurdly large fine. It's so transparent as to be insulting to anyone with a three digit IQ.

The fix here is that there needs to be an Agency of Intelligence (not to be confused with the oxymoronical Intelligence Agencies.) This agency would monitor complaints, and when it was determined they came from a time-wasting Moron the moron would be fined for attempted suppression of social evolution.  Suitable fines would be the removal of instruments of telecommunications, or perhaps instruments of procreation. Either would have a positive effect on society. 

There. All fixed. We do hope you'll remember all this when we run for office. 

  By the way, we're in favor of changing all the Walk/Don't Walk signs to a single Do proceed at your own risk understanding that any contact with vehicles in motion will be entirely your fault and you will be uniformly held responsible for reparations; ie. repairs to said vehicle(s) and/or it's inhabitant(s) sign.
Eyes crossing yet Jethro? Watch the national average of IQ soar!

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