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March 18, 2004

Wow, there must be a Kerry mole in Bush team...

That's the only explanation. How could anyone who green-lighted the series of fake Medicare news reports think the truth wouldn't get out? Or that once exposed, it would be at all defensible?  There's gotta be a mole on the Bush team, destroying the last little bits of reason and ethics from within, egging them on in obvious fraudulent activities: Nah, we'll never get caught, and if we do, we'll just say "there's nothing illegal about it!" They simply couldn't be that crooked and stupid on their own... could they?

For those who haven't heard, the Bush administration put out some videos, looking like actual news snippets, talking up their Medicare prescription drug program. The only problem, they were totally scripted, and the "reporter" didn't actually exist!  These were sent all over the country for moronic local news agencies to pick up and air! Given the lame state of reporting these days, it might have worked, except for the easily exposed LIES, and the following Federal investigation!

Kerry has got to be jumping for joy this morning. Bush's people haven't done anything this stupid since the flight-suit vanity pictures. Perhaps the mole on the Bush team can convince someone to release similar "fair and balanced" reports about our successes in Baghdad, or perhaps admit that W was too stoned to report for duty; go for the "come to Jesus" vote on that one.


We really have to reflect on where we were 4 years ago.  The country was choking on money - heated arguments about what to do with excess budget, we were having trouble finding people to fill job positions, and the National crisis revolved around the President getting a blow job. We were literally teetering on the brink of Utopia.  We've come a long way. Thank GOD for the self righteous morons and the Religious Right who lead our nation into this humbling position.


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