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March 14, 2004

The New "Just Say No"

Just read that WMD Boy is looking to double the funding to tell kids to keep their pants on; pushing abstinence-only sex education classes in schools. For those who don't realize it, that means eliminating lots of talk about devices used during sex to prevent conception, and as a side effect prevent the transmission of disease.  Just say no boys and girls, God will protect you. Whacky stuff no doubt, very much in the wishful thinking category.  Further proof that the current administration is deeply in the pocket of those very same pants, worn by the wacky religious right. At the same time we know that over 50% of teens have sex before they leave high school. Doesn't seem like it's a very successful program, or likely to be. 

So why is there such a push?  Who knows. For fun you can view this whole thing as a conspiracy on several fronts.  For example:

Of course we're just ranting, probably nothing of the truth in this.


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