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March 12, 2004

Reading recommendation...

We're driving through Gormenghast, a trillogy of books by Mervyn Peake.  These books are such amazing dark comedy, fantastic visual imagery, painstaking character development, and weird plot development, that you want to spoon out each paragraph and savor it in the back of your throat.  Summary? Well, it focuses on this fantastically large and decaying castle, where a young cook's apprentice has been systematically working his way up the social ladder through a combination of flattery, manipulation and murder.  It's heroism without courage, evil without strength, fantasy without magic, and the words, the words are amazing poetry without rhyme or rhythm. All the subtractions amazingly make it a stronger, avoiding cliché and predictability, providing a unique reading experience; highly recommended.

  OK, so if that's not your style we also have great hopes for the new Ultimate Fantastic Four comic recently launched by Marvel.  Like all the Ultimate line, the best of which is simply Ultimates  this is redefining their standard characters in new and amazing ways.  Marvel characters were originally all about their balance between strength and weakness, and this new telling of the failed Reed Richards project is fresh and challenging.

Still not there?  OK, we were surprised to like the new take on cult favorite animation "Tripping The Rift" recently debuting on the Sci Fi Channel.  No reading involved at all, and plenty of undulating animated robot nymphomaniac flesh

See, something for everyone.


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