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March 9, 2004

All Hat Boy at Rodeo...

Bush spent yesterday at the rodeo. Funny how that was more important than giving the team investigating intelligence breakdowns around 9/11another hour of his time. "Sorry Pardners, gotta go watch 'em rope and brand 'em." Good to see his priorities in broad daylight: getting re-elected = high, exposing failures in his administration that could be repaired and prevent additional tragedies = low. Of course he's going to use 9/11 in his campaign, just not the real 9/11. Watch this spin folks, he's going to come out painted to look like Mack Bolan.

Anyone talented with Photoshop out there want to put together a picture of grinning flight suited GW standing at Ground Zero with a big gun in hand?  Yeah, we'd probably update the static for that.


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