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March 8, 2004

We don't usually talk sports...

But we have to say one thing.  It's so nice to see a big, dumb, loudmouthed, multimillionaire loose out on millions of dollars because he was dumb enough to fail to ask for it. Almost as fun as watching him torpedo his chances with the one decent team that might have taken his sorry ass on board. There's your lesson kids, stay in school, be polite to others, and don't piss in your own pool.

  Totally Odious
Terribly Obstinate
Turned Over
Too Offensive
Trivial Objection
Talent Ordinary
Team Outsider
Time Out

Is that web site a hoot or what?  We couldn't stop laughing at the bad-ass Flash intro..."Peter Piper Picked a Pepper?"  What is he thinking?


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