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March 7, 2004


We just saw the Passion of Christ in a theatre yesterday. It's truly a life changing experience.  From the loudmouth sitting behind us talking about his nine point plan for reforming the Catholic Church, to the unknown farter who thought turning the other cheek was license to pass gas for thirty minutes, to the guy who wandered through two isles with his cigarette lighter blazing away trying to find (or maybe scare someone out of) a seat, to the giggling girls who seemed to think the whole thing was just an extra-bloody edition of Pop Up Video, (Look look, the Shroud of Turin!) to all of you we say ENOUGH!  Ten bucks a pop for this kind of experience among the great unwashed would test the patience of any messiah. WWJD? The carpenter would head home and finish building the home theatre, just like us!

Oh yeah, we saw some of the move too. OK, we can see where some idiots might think it's anti-Semitic, or anti-Italian, or even anti-capital punishment, but like we said; they're idiots. We just left feeling like we'd been watching an episode of 24, and not learning anything really that we hadn't known from reading the source material. Kinda wish we'd gone to see Starsky and Hutch actually, it's a remake too you know.

  Sometimes we stretch the truth, yeah, shocking.  Today we want to point out that the experience related here was 100% accurate. Theatre trip, farter, lighter guy, airhead girls, and the incredibly pompous twit who was talking loud about his realizations for the Catholic Church as to be heard in the next theatre. What is is about fanatics that eliminates their sense of volume?

The new 42" plasma looks mighty fine in the theatre room though.  Can't take it to heaven, but it's plenty OK right now. 


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