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March 4, 2004

Survivor Update

It's probably no surprise we're Richard Hatch fans. The guy's a player, don't be confused by the naked gay angle, he's smarter than just about anyone on the show.  He's especially Jeff Probst.  Jeff just admitted he screwed up last week's immunity challenge judging, which was a major factor in Rich's leaving the island. Well, it's no worse than the NFL in that regard.

As for the whole Hatch debate about his "outlandish behavior" we quite predictably say, who the hell cares.  The guy is smart enough to go swimming nude, wear a kilt, and otherwise act like a real islander. Hey Wisconsin, you got your digital blur over his naughty bits, chill.

Heh, Wisconsin chill.  We like that.


Our long term picks on the island, for the record, are Tom, Lex and Rupert. With Lex as our all the way fav. Sorry for those who aren't fans of the show, but you knew this site wasn't about YOU when you came in, right? 


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