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March 3, 2004

No New Taxes

Twelve years ago today, after campaigning on the whole "read my lips, no new taxes" sucker line, Bush Senior admitted that he was full of shit about the whole thing and apologized to the nation. The manipulative lie had won him the election, and now he was going to prove it was a lie by raising taxes.  But then again, he admitted it.

That took substance, integrity, and an awareness of the people, a sense of knowing what they needed to hear. In some effect it was still self-serving, hell those religious fanatics love the sinner come to Jesus speeches, but it still had an element of owning up to a lie. Do we expect W (which apparently stands for Weasel) to similarly come clean on his lies? Not on your reality redefining, flight suit stuffing, "we know where the weapons of mass destruction are" bragging, National Guard deserting, Haiti overthrowing, recreational drug imbibing life. The small amount of integrity he might have inherited has certainly been washed away by the doubletalk and misdirection.

Wow, we never thought we'd have a good thing to say about Senior. Think someday we might have a good thing to say about W?  Hmm. What would that be? Maybe something like, he made us laugh?


People need to start re-reading George Orwell's 1984. There's a lot about governments can talk around issues and redefine concepts to better control the population and how they maintain their expanding control through the reduction of civil liberties, and intrusion into the private lives of their constituency. Orwell may have just missed the date by 20 years or so...


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