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March 2, 2004

Just too damn funny

Go to *this* site now. We'll resist using it as fodder for a whole week's worth of postings and just have you go there and read. We predict you'll be forwarding it along to your friends with a "Can you fucking believe this!" in the subject line.

You'll get two things out of reading this site. First, you'll bust a gut laughing. Then there will be a terrible feeling of dread as you slowly realize that these types of minds still inhabit our "civilization" and haven't managed to kill themselves off with the whole ritualistic drowning thing yet. Relax, have a drink. Then read the whole "Theobiology" thing again and resume laughing.


Seriously, when we first saw it we thought we had been sent to a page of  The Onion.  It's amazing that one group of people can so nail the retarded sexist smug backwards ignorant sheepish toadyism of their stereotype.  More amazing is that they were able to make a web page about it.  Chalk it all up to the power of prayer!

OK, just a couple of observations.  * Awesome power of prayer use, let's ask God to create antibiotic resistant microbes. What a sincere petition to the almighty that one was! If you had that whole prayer > reality change bullet down, why didn't you work on world hunger or maybe AIDS?  Oh yeah, they're damned and dying because they don't worship like you do, right? So much for the whole God of Love thing. * Prediction, Jonathan will either die lonely and alone, or settle down with a nice lobotomy case with a tremendous back porch. *  Cassidy , your study was so obviously wrong.  Uncle Steve looks like a fine specimen of ateles geoffroyi geoffroyi.

And remember; Fred Hoskins "likes to be called Skeet!"


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