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February 28, 2004

Murray Screwed by Oscars Again

OK, like you need another Oscar prediction, or like any rants from the media or web pages will affect the already concluded voting. But the temptation is there none the less.  We won't go down the line of all the mistakes that will be made in this year's show, except to say it's an outrage that Bill Murray will again be passed over by the idiots who vote for "serious actor" Sean Penn.  Sorry, we need to watch Sean Penn look constipated (and call it acting) in another downer movie like we need another Shanghai Surprise Murray has given the industry so much more than "the hollywood bad boy", and finally has a non-funny non-sexist role in a movie where his clueless "peers" could recognize him at last.  Still lots of years in Bill of course, unfortunately with upcoming films like Garfield and The Squid and the Whale he's a long shot for another golden naked guy trophy.  Anyway we want him bounding up onto the stage to accept his Oscar like Roberto Benigni not slowly hobbling up on a cane and speaking so quietly that we can't make out what he's saying. Leave that for Penn,  when he's much older, because we really don't care what he has to say.



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