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February 26, 2004

God but we're tired of politics

It used to be fun stuff, but somehow the current regime's disregard for reality has just gotten frustrating. Now there's a buffoon who managed to scribble down a book about the right wing acting so irrational on purpose just to "drive liberals insane?"  Wow, what a great agenda for the leader of the free world - let's attack the thinking people by poisoning thought and logic.  In more black is white thinking he claims that Bush "is the best presidential speaker" since Franklin Roosevelt? Yeah, he'll be studied in public speaking classes for years, the same way they studied the Elephant Man's skeleton.

The whole irrational behavior thing is part of an overt agenda? That's a fine explanation providing they've already started putting hallucinogens in our drinking water. Of course the idea that the right acts like lunatics on purpose is amazingly creative and certainly beats the one where they're acting irrational because they're... irrational.


This guy was amazing to watch on the Daily Show a few days ago.  The epitomize of Republican "we're in power so suck it up" smugness. It's truly amazing that he's taken on such deep subjects as "Bush is a Moron" and "Bush is like Hitler" to defend. How about "Bush Lied" and "Bush Can't Negotiate Like A Statesman?"  Yeah, those might have been tougher points to write love letters about.    

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