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February 23, 2004

Nader: Senile, retarded, or...

It is easy to dismiss Ralph Nader's entry into the presidential race as an act of encroaching senility.  After all, he's quoted as saying "it will help Democrats in the long run" and "he'll pull more votes away from Bush." It's easy to start doubting mental capacity.  But let's look deeper.

Where have we heard this "white is black" or "tax cuts for the rich help the middle class" abominations of logic before?  Sure! The Bush camp and it's existing toadies like Ann Coulter, Dennis Miller, Don Rumsfeld, etc. 

Is it possible that Nader is deeply in the Bush pocket? If Miller can make the swing under the Bush wing, and having watched his new cable show, and the resultant half hour of retching up an otherwise fine lunch that followed, we can believe there is some kind of mind-control or reprogramming going on in this country right now! Want further proof of a right-wing manipulated brain?  When did you ever think you'd hear Nader explaining away his detractors as "liberal intelligentsia"? Its so obvious the brain-benders went just a tad far with this guy.

So the only remaining question is, is it Pod People or are they actually pulling a Manchurian Candidate here? In any case, watch for more muttering and crossed up logic from Ralph as the months go on...



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