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February 21, 2004

The Passion of Dad?

We're not going to ring in on the whole "Passion of Christ" thing, mostly because we haven't seen the movie, we've only heard the obnoxious asses who are trying to, one way or the other, get traction for their own agendas off this controversial movie. 

What we do want to comment on is this; Who the fuck thinks whatever Mel Gibson's Father thinks is news? So he made some weird comments to some lameass radio news program, and everyone else picks it up like it's some big ass revelation? Would you want your dad on the news spouting off if you did something newsworthy? Of course you wouldn't.


OK, one more comment.  If  The Greatest Story Ever Told came out today, instead of 40 years ago, we suspect the ever-so-thin-skinned and woefully-self-serving special interest groups on both sides of the issue would have a field day as well.  It's not that the films are necessarily controversial, damn it they're just films, but they're opportunities for our mealy mouthed society to bitch whine about something else so they can get face time in front of the camera for their issue.  Who is to blame?  The idiots in media that put cameras and microphones in front of every whacko talking in tongues or talking to a lawyer.  If you want to see the downfall of modern civilization, we point to the newstainment industry and it's legion of  whores. Of course the easily aroused general public has some blame to share here. Give it a rest, haven't you got enough real things to be angry about?

By the way, if you haven't seen The Greatest Story Ever Told, you've got to at least tune in for the last 10 minutes.  Christ up on the cross, and the Roman Centurion down below gets the message.  John Wayne is the Roman and with a western drawl pronounces "truly this was tha' son o' God."  You can almost hear the unspoken "pilgrim" punctuating the end of the sentence.


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