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February 20, 2004

Life more like TV...

One thing that might solve the whole "untrustworthy government" thing would be to treat the election more like TV.

Consider two approaches for the upcoming presidential election:

Given the relative low turn-out for voting and the high ratings for such games, we think this is a pretty good candidate to replace the current corrupt process. At the same time, revenue from the series of shows would help buy down the deficit. Finally, the potential for spin-off shows is very high.  Consider the combination of Fear Factor and the Michael Jackson trial; you're 12, and going to spend a whole night in this house with this man...


We laughed out loud last night when one of Letterman's bits announced that the Senate had voted to add quotation marks to "the President" when used in conjunction with Bush Junior. If there was ever a situation where that punctuation was earned, it is here, working on so many levels..  

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