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February 15, 2004

Real short today...we're traveling...

So it's laptop and dial-up time from the road. Nobody reads this on Sunday morning anyway. Snow here, and cold. My god, is In-and-Out Burger everywhere now? We're listening to talk radio out here in the hinterlands and have lost track of the times "Fuck You" has been shouted at the dashboard. Do all these people marry relatives? We've decided that designated drivers are a must, but designated navigator is almost as important. No more gin and tonics, cutting you off now Mr. "Shotgun!" Right-turn, left-turn, does it matter in the end? Follow the sun.  It's setting. Now follow the moon.  Hmmm, that In-and-Out Burger looks familiar...


No, Raul didn't want to step in. Something you people said to him last time. When we mention it he gets this weird twitch above his right eye and stutters for 20 minutes or so.  

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