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February 11, 2004

Shocking Video...

Isn't it great that when five seconds of "shocking video" gets played on TV news, the networks are more than happy to make sure we get the full shock value.  They play it fifteen or twenty times, zoomed in, slow motion, motion blur, and always with the talking head at the end saying something stiff and parochial like "that's just shocking." 

Man, it's so unnecessary... it's easy enough to do for yourself, right?  Here, play with the Janet Boobson vid, or the Stupid Snowboarder Tricks vid. They just get more and more shocking the more we watch 'em.  Right?


And who's writing the copy for the news morons on the news these days.  Note the amazing tone of voice when the goon from ABC says "we have exclusive video of the event, video taken by someone who was there."  Amazing, eh?  Wow, would have been even more amazing if it were video taken by someone who wasn't there chuckles.  Or the fact that the Letterman show was cancelled "and the audience was sent home."  Um, didn't they have any choice?  I'm sure some might have liked to catch a show, or go to dinner?  Nope, you gotta go home audience, that's the way things work after a disaster of this magnitude.  "Shocking indeed."  

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