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February 10, 2004

War President?

In a supposed breakthrough of doubletalk, Bush seems to think some layer of Teflon can be laid down on his policies and actions by claiming to be "A War President." Or at least national-guard-deserter-boy seems to be warming up a new-spin-doctored sound bite for his campaign against real war hero John Kerrey.

But it seems to us a more dangerous delusion. We think of the toy we saw recently; a George W doll all dressed up in that aircraft carrier jump suit. Imagine that package with "War President Action Figure" blazoned across the cellophane. Now consider of that image appearing in W's head every time he claims this new title. There's nothing scarier than a man in power who starts buying his own bullshit.


One of the flat-out funniest things we saw recently was Bob Franken on the Daily Show talking about the aircraft carrier incident, and how the Democrats could use the image in the election with the caption "You know, dressing up is fun, but when you're looking for a real president..." You had to be there.  

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