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February 6, 2004

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan

Well, what to say, what to say? So ripe for humor of course, and we could be mean, but where's the sport in that? As CA Gov. he forged the career path for many washed-up actors going into politics, and properly blamed air pollution on pine trees. Ronnie redefined the Republican party into a "look over there!" gang with plausible deniability. He invented the whole Trickle Down economy that still serves as a stable punch line for many of today's comics. He joked about bombing Russia on live TV, and his extended role in world politics included trading arms for hostages in Iran and helping the military in Iraq even though they were using chemical weapons on the battlefield. On the up side, we do have fond memories of Nancy's diner china, her running the government while Ron was faltering, and of course the whole regular consultations with an astrologer thing.

If that's his legacy, so be it. Of course, we'll always have his defining role as Professor Peter Boyd in Bedtime for Bonzo.


Note how we carefully avoided saying anything about his current slip into Alzheimer's.  We want to stress that we're discussing the Regan who was, for the most part, fully cognizant of his actions during his leadership years.  His status today should change nothing of the man's legacy.   

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