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February 5, 2004

Oscar's time delayed?

In yet another move towards making themselves the most hypocritically up-tight organization on the face of the planet, the Oscars have announced they're considering a "delay" of the broadcast so they can edit out any offensive language or breasts.

The interesting question is "how far with these parochially repressed idiots take this?"  Will they start blurring out the see-through blouses?  How about butt cleavage? And what if someone mentions the Peoples Choice awards? Big bleep on that one?

Yet another reason for ignoring their little show again this year.  Then again, it could be an amusing bleep-fest should one of the gangsta' rap groups perform...


It is amazing that the Oscars still have any credibility.  If you look into who votes, and how they vote, and why they vote, it all becomes as relevant to the quality of candidates as the Freshman class president election.  

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